An interview with Burn Moore! A new band from South Jersey

I had the chance to interview an amazingly talented new band! I was able to sit in during one of their rehearsals and get some cool shots and talk to them about their music.

Burn Moore is an alternative/pop-punk band from South Jersey. The band is made up of four members: Andrew Moorer (vocals, rhythm guitar, piano), Zachary Birnbaum (lead guitar, vocals), Dean Mason (bass), and Max Miller (drums, vocals). They are all students at Rowan University and decided to form a band to perform at Battles of the Bands (Which I covered this event! click here to read my post!).

They were successful, winning first place at Battle of the Bands and the grand prize being the opening band for Mike Posner at Holly Bash, which is a music festival Rowan holds for students at the end of the year.

I had first found out about this band at Battle of the Bands, and afterwards I knew I really wanted to feature them on my blog!

I genuinely enjoyed talking to the band and getting to hang out at their rehearsal. They are such an authentic and down-to-earth group of guys, and the music they’ve created is so catchy and upbeat!

They currently have four songs written: Give Me More Time, Cyclogenesis, Misunderstood, and Every Time You Look My Way.

Performing all these songs at Holly Bash, they also included a cover of Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars at the end of their gig.

Below is my video including an interview and some clips of the band from their rehearsal and their performance at Holly Bash. If you want to check out their music, you can find that and more about the band all on Facebook, so go like them!

I also recorded a full video of their song Every Time You Look My way from their performance at Holly Bash! You can click here to view it.



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